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The strength of an organisation is its people. To really have a positive impact, net zero ambitions need to be embedded from the ground up as well as from the top down.

The HR/Sustainability department should take responsibility for engaging and educating employees on climate change.

Our app allow employees to measure their CO2 footprint, take action at work with coworkers and get rewarded for it in a fun and inspiring way.


Engage your employees through voluntary climate communities.

According to Deloitte survey 70% of employees say their organisation is not doing enough to involve them in cutting their carbon emissions.

Encourage everyone to ask themselves, “What can I do as an individual to match the accountability of the organisation that I work for?

Empower your people to take action – normalising climate action goes beyond providing recycling bins and motivational posters. 

When people are encouraged to describe behaviour changes they’re making, or planning to make, towards combating climate change, it inspires others. 


Swiss Re’s Climate Action programme results 2022:

  • 30,000 individual acts of climate activism by the eatablished climate community.
  • 1,500 tonnes of direct removal through carbon certificates.
  • A cumulative direct removal of thousands of tonnes globally.

Swiss Re is a major global insurance and service company. We are one of the first service organisations to help our employees create a voluntarily global climate community by offering them an app that can facilitate the community’s climate actions, education and dialog inside the company.

James Hartley

Global HR Leader at , Swiss Re

The Climate Savior app helped us create a climate community by identifying those equal minded coworkers that want to take individual and team-based climate action and empower them to work together to help Envision reduce its future CO2 emissions. It alsp help reduce climate anxiety among employees.

It is fun and meaningful and an effective way to develop and build a new company climate community across organizational boundaries and educate people on the topic and why its so important. Over time climate action will be come part of the company culture.

Rikke Petersen

Designer & Employee, Envision A/S. Danish Advertising Company.

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Build a climate community within your four walls

Give your employees a market-leading community app to identify fellow coworkers that also want to discuss and get educated about what can be done at work to help solve climate change.

Measure employee CO2 savings

For inspiration everyone in the organisation can follow, through our intranet Dashboard Solution, the climate community’s CO2 savings from climate actions like e.g. travel, commutes, ride-sharing, meals, consumption and more.


Furthermore the app include a tool that allow the users to calculate their own CO2 footprint and get a more detailed understanding of their CO2 emission.

Give your employees some valuable tools to take climate action

Our app empower your climate community with a number of valuable tools to take individual  and team-based climate action: e.g. a community chat solution, climate challenges, lottery, climate academy, dashboards, quiz, brainstorming ideas for company action, etc.

Reward those employees that take climate action

The app help you reduce your employees individual and team-based CO2 emissions associated with work and participate in the discussion about what can be done to solve climate change.

It also  allow you as an organisation to reward the participating employees for their CO2 actions through the apps lottery feature.  

By utilising “gamification” our app makes it more fun for the employees to actively participate in the workplaces climate community.

What do our customers say

We have a goal of becoming a net zero advertising company in the future with a climate positive culture and values. Our employees are 80% of our companys CO2 footprint.

As an element of that strategy, we chose to give all employees the climate app Climate Savior.

The good thing about the Climate Savior app is that it help employees identify fellow coworkers that want to take climate action at their workplace. It also help to reduce climate anxiety  inside the organisation. Our climate community has become an internal climate movement that help the leadership team realise our future climate goals.

Furthermore, the app also measures how much CO2 the community collectively save by changing habits and doing climate deeds and that act as an inspiration for not participating coworkers. They can follow the community actions through an intranet Dashboard.

The gamification element in the app makes it all more fun and employees and teams can compete on who saves the most CO2 at work and win attractive climate friendly prices in the build-in company lottery. Prices that we as a company sponsor in order to reward and incentives climate actions among our employees.

Anders Tranæs

CEO, Envision



We can all save a lot of CO2 emissions if employees make some small changes of their behavior at work and participate with ideas to how companies can reduce their footprint. The figure illustrates this (source:

It illustrates that big change start small. If e.g. 1  billion employees globally each save 5 tons CO2 per year we will have reduced the global CO2 emissions by 5 Giga ton CO2 every year or equal to 15% of total global CO2e emissions !.

The work community represent the perfect social setting for changing behaviors because all research show that if we want to change habits its much easier if we do it together with our coworkers.



Palle Simonsen

Palle Simonsen


Climate Savior was founded in 2019 and is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. For 3 years, we have developed our B2B climate app community solution Climate Savior.

A B2B app that can help all type of organisations engage and educate employees on climate change and empower employeess to develop an internal climate community where they together can take climate actions in order to reduce the work related CO2 emission but also debate and coordinate how to help their organisation meet its climate goals and targets.

Our motto is: Big Change Start Small !