Why Climatesavior ?

We have developed our climate app Climatesavior because we citizens account for 42% of all CO2 emissions. Therefore, involving us citizens as a resource is also an important part of the solution.

Of course, companies, new technology and politicians also play a crucial role, but we only have 10 years to solve the problem and reduce the world’s total emissions by 50%.

Achieving this goal will be an enormous challenge and therefore everyone who can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions must be involved and activated. Here we believe that we as citizens can play a crucial role. A role that has so far been underestimated by politicians.

During the Corana crisis, we have seen how much it can have when citizens in large numbers change habits globally. We must try to achieve the same effect in the fight against climate challenges.

Our app is intended as a tool that can help all citizens around the world who want to change their habits and reduce their own carbon footprint for the benefit of themselves, their children and their future.


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